My newest book is about a little-known historical event, one that seems too weird to be true - but it's true, alright. In 1876 a gang of counterfeiters came up with a plan to steal Abraham Lincoln's body (he'd been dead over ten years). The plan was to break into Lincoln's tomb, steal his remains, and hold the body hostage, demanding in exchange for the corpse the release from prison of one of their gang members, plus $200,000 in cash! It's a wild true-crime thriller, and what's really crazy is just how close the plan came to working.
what's next
And after this...? I'm finishing up one book right now, and starting on a new one. I'll report back. The great thing about this job is that I'm always stumbling onto stories I'd never heard, people I knew nothing about. So I'm constantly filling notebooks with bits and pieces of what I hope will be book projects.

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Meanwhile, it's always nice to work on projects that don't take a year and a half to finish. With that in mind, I do the occasional blog entry and online comic. Here are links to some recent stuff:

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