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Port Chicago 50 on New Books Network

Thank you to James Stancil and the New Books Network podcast for featuring this interview with me about The Port Chicago 50. James really knows his stuff, and this was a particularly rewarding discussion – we really got deep into the story, and the ways in which the story is still going on.

Walking and Talking with Deborah Heiligman

Back from summer with a new Walking and Talking comic – this time talking a little nonfiction with the great Deborah Heiligman! Our processes are pretty different, but turns out we run into all the same challenges…

“The Librarian Is In” Features Undefeated

I always say that librarians are my closest allies – we’re all working together to try to get books into the hands of kids and teens. So it’s especially cool to see Undefeated featured in this new New York Public Library podcast! I also did this recent newspaper interview about the book, and upcoming projects. […]

Webinar with the World War II Museum

I do a lot Skype visits with classes, and I feel pretty goofy talking into a webcam… but this program turned out well. It’s a student webinar about my book Bomb, produced by the amazing World War II Museum in New Orleans. Basically, I tell some of the stories from the book – similar to […]

Here Be Monsters meets Benedict Arnold

In this new episode of the podcast Here Be Monsters, I get to talk about two of my favorite subjects: why history textbooks suck, and Benedict Arnold!

walking and talking with Rebecca Stead

Very excited to share the newest edition of my Walking and Talking comic! Rebecca Stead starts off by saying she’s not sure how to write a novel – but then goes on to explain exactly how to do it. Totally different from how I set out to write a book, which is part of what […]

New York Times and Time for Kids!

With the release date just a couple days away, Undefeated is getting some really great buzz! There’s a nice review in the New York Times. And then there’s this interview in Time for Kids. The young interviewer, Kade, asked some of the smartest and most thoughtful questions of any interviewer I’ve ever talked with.

Talking Undefeated: New Interviews

The publication date for Undefeated is getting close, and I had a chance today to talk about the new book with Joe Donahue on WAMC’s The Roundtable. I think Joe is one of the best interviewers of writers around, and it was a real honor to be on his show. I also did this cool […]

New Podcast Interview

I’m excited to be a part of this episode of the Rumble Strip podcast, with Erica Heilman. We talk about my life as a textbook writer, the politics of America’s creation story, and, naturally, Benedict Arnold’s leg. If I say so, I think the show is really cool.

Walking and Talking with Grace Lin

Finally, after a long hiatus (I was writing a book and stuff) I’ve got a new Walking and Talking comic, this time with a favorite in my family, Grace Lin. I loved hearing about her process, especially how much she struggles with first drafts, and how the only way she gets anything done is by […]