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working on drawing Jenni…

So when I came up with the idea of interviewing writers and turning them into comics, for some reason I thought I’d be able to bang out about one every month. That was completely unrealistic. But I still like the idea, and the good news is I’ve had a chance to talk with two of my favorite authors recently – I met with Jennifer Holm in San Mateo, California, a few weeks ago, and just this past weekend I chatted with Gene Luen Yang in Boston. I asked Jenni a lot of questions about craft, and she described the painful process of editing The Fourteenth Goldfish. Gene told me the story behind his new book, The Shadow Hero, based on a little-known comic book hero from the 1940s who is believed to have been the first ever Asian American superhero. He also mentioned that The Thing is Jewish. I guess this is well known in certain circles, but I was thrilled to find out, and so was my five year old son.


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