undefeated: deleted scenes

In the editing process I always end up cutting details and scenes, sometimes some of my favorite stuff. With Undefeated, I wound up with even more deleted material than usual. I think it’s mainly because there are so many amazing stories about the early days of Carlisle football. I used a lot of these stories, but had to cut some too, so that we wouldn’t lose touch with Jim Thorpe, who wasn’t at Carlisle yet. Anyway, I saved all the stories, and was able to post some of my favorites on various websites:

The Carlisle team visits Chicago in 1896 to play in the world’s first indoor football game

Carlisle’s 1902 team overcomes injuries

An incredibly violent game between Harvard and Yale in 1894 sparks national debate

Student pranks at both Carlisle and West Point

Pop Warner’s one and only attempt to play pro football


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