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Rabbi Harvey Q and A

My very first book, even before I started writing nonfiction, was a graphic novel called The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey. I did three Harvey books – and still hope to do more some day. Meanwhile, here’s a quick video in which I answer some reader questions about the books and show how I draw the […]

Nonfiction Man #2!

Very excited to share the continuing adventures of Nonfiction Man and his daughter, Anna. We write these comics together, and take turns drawing every other panel. This is my idea of homeschool – writing, history, art, a bit of technology… and, hopefully, a few laughs. See what you think!

A new writing exercise

While we’re all stuck at home… Here’s a short writing exercise I do a lot in schools – we take a scene from my book Bomb and write our own versions. Let me know how it goes!

Deleted Scene from BOMB

Note: this chapter appeared at the end of Part 2, right after the chapter called “High Concentration.” My editor thought it was too much of a diversion from the book’s main plot – that is, the race to build and steal the bomb. In hindsight, I’ve come to agree with her. See what you think… […]