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Bomb: The Graphic Novel!

Check out the first review of the upcoming Bomb graphic novel! “A heady whirl of science and spycraft made even more immediate (and frightening) by strong visuals.” – Kirkus (starred review)

Big Day for Fallout!

Very cool to see Fallout honored alongside a group of great nonfiction as one of this years Sibert Honor books!

FALLOUT release day!

My new non-fiction Cold War thriller is official out in the world! If anyone’s interested in a signed and personalized copy, here’s a link to my awesome local indie bookstore, Northshire Saratoga.

Author Fan Face-off Turns 50!

Fifty episodes, that is – and counting. Recent shows have featured challenges with authors such as Jerry Craft, R.J. Palacio, Gordon Korman, and many more!

Author Fan Face-off with Kate DiCamillo!

You know we had to try for this one – today’s new Author Fan Face-off features the great Kate DiCamillo, taking a true super-fan in a Flora & Ulysses challenge. Can anyone keep up with these two?

Author Fan Face-off updates

We’re about to post our 30th episode of Author Fan Face-off, and starting to get some really nice attention. Here’s a new podcast from WAMC. And this very cool article with idea for how teachers can use the show – which was our whole motivation in the first place!

Author Fan Face-off X 2!

Author Fan Face-off #14 features Ruth Behar and Lucky Broken Girl! And here’s episode #15, with Kate Messner’s Breakout!

Rabbi Harvey Q and A

My very first book, even before I started writing nonfiction, was a graphic novel called The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey. I did three Harvey books – and still hope to do more some day. Meanwhile, here’s a quick video in which I answer some reader questions about the books and show how I draw the […]

A new writing exercise

While we’re all stuck at home… Here’s a short writing exercise I do a lot in schools – we take a scene from my book Bomb and write our own versions. Let me know how it goes!

Margaret A. Edwards Award!

When M.T. Anderson won this amazing honor last year, I teased him a bit for being old enough to win what is, sort of, a lifetime achievement award. Turns out I’m old enough too. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it many more – the only reason I get to do this great […]