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Born To Fly book trailer!

I always wanted to make movies, so it was fun to put together this trailer for my new book, Born to Fly. Okay, now back to my actual job…

Lies, Legos, and Richard Nixon: A New Book Trailer

My kids and I have gotten really into Lego animation recently, and I thought I could use our newfound skills to make a sort of book trailer for my new book, Most Dangerous. Basically, I took snippets audio from the Nixon White House tapes – with a focus on the parts where he plots to […]

Two New Animations

First off, I just have to share the link to an amazing stop-motion animation, made by some teenage students for the great 90 Second Newbery Film Festival. Okay, so it’s more than 90 seconds, but the animation and voice-overs are sheer genius. I only wish a festival like this existed when I was in school. […]

A More Perfect Union – the trailer

When I visit schools to talk about my books, I usually give a quick version of my long and winding path to this job I have now. The part students seem most interested in is the time, in the mid-1990s, when my brother Ari and I lived together in Austin, Texas, and attempted to become […]