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Lies, Legos, and Richard Nixon: A New Book Trailer

My kids and I have gotten really into Lego animation recently, and I thought I could use our newfound skills to make a sort of book trailer for my new book, Most Dangerous. Basically, I took snippets audio from the Nixon White House tapes – with a focus on the parts where he plots to […]

Two New Animations

First off, I just have to share the link to an amazing stop-motion animation, made by some teenage students for the great 90 Second Newbery Film Festival. Okay, so it’s more than 90 seconds, but the animation and voice-overs are sheer genius. I only wish a festival like this existed when I was in school. […]

A More Perfect Union – the trailer

When I visit schools to talk about my books, I usually give a quick version of my long and winding path to this job I have now. The part students seem most interested in is the time, in the mid-1990s, when my brother Ari and I lived together in Austin, Texas, and attempted to become […]