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Next Best Thing to School Visits

One of the upsides of doing so many virtual events these days is that I can make presentations and ‘visit’ with lots of schools without actually leaving my office. I did a bunch of these events to celebrate the release of Fallout, and a few were recorded. For those wondering what I usually talk about […]

A new writing exercise

While we’re all stuck at home… Here’s a short writing exercise I do a lot in schools – we take a scene from my book Bomb and write our own versions. Let me know how it goes!

About Me, A to Z

Okay, maybe you never wanted to know this much about me… but a group of third grade students at Castleton Elementary School in New York made this amazing movie/alphabet book all about my life and work. I’d even forgotten some of this stuff – but it’s all true!

The “Carlisle” in action

This is really cool. Last week I visited a high school in the town of Penn Yan, NY, and the librarian had me give a presentation on my book Undefeated just for the football team. They seemed to be into it – but it’s not always easy to tell with teenagers. But then, this week, […]

Webinar with the World War II Museum

I do a lot Skype visits with classes, and I feel pretty goofy talking into a webcam… but this program turned out well. It’s a student webinar about my book Bomb, produced by the amazing World War II Museum in New Orleans. Basically, I tell some of the stories from the book – similar to […]

Close Encounters with History

One of the best things about my job is that when I do speaking events, people almost always come up to me and tell me about family connections to one of the stories I’ve written about. This is especially true since Bomb came out – about 200,000 people worked on the Manhattan Project, so it […]

A More Perfect Union – the trailer

When I visit schools to talk about my books, I usually give a quick version of my long and winding path to this job I have now. The part students seem most interested in is the time, in the mid-1990s, when my brother Ari and I lived together in Austin, Texas, and attempted to become […]