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Five Questions with the Horn Book

I’m really happy to participate again in the Horn Book’s great Five Questions feature, this time about my new book Most Dangerous. When I saw the questions I was seriously impressed by how thoughtful and challenging they were. You can read the whole interview here.

Another good review for MOST DANGEROUS

Getting a bit closer to the release date for the new book, Most Dangerous, and the reviews are coming in. So far the news has been good: starred reviews in Booklist, Kirkus, VOYA, and this one from Publishers Weekly. Next up – I’m working on a Lego animation book trailer, using the Nixon tapes as […]

First Review of MOST DANGEROUS

This is the nervous time – my upcoming book, Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War, is completely finished and advance copies are out there and we’re just waiting to hear what people think. So I was very excited to see that the first review, from Kirkus, was a good […]

Fuse #8 TV: Steve Sheinkin

Often I’m the one doing interviews – for my comics – but this time I have the privilege of being on the other side of the questions as a guest on New York Public Library’s Betsy Bird’s Fuse #TV show. I talk a bit about my book MOST DANGEROUS: DANIEL ELLSBERG AND THE SECRET HISTORY […]

Port Chicago Reading and Interview

Well, I never really like watching myself on video. I recently read that Richard Nixon felt the same way, if that’s any consolation. I find listening to myself on the radio is a bit easier, though it always seems to me that I don’t really sound like me. Anyway, here are a couple of Port […]

Interviews with NBA Finalists

So it’s off to New York City next week for the National Book Award events. Last time I went, two years ago, I got so nervous I forgot how to tie a tie – not a bow tie, mind you, just a regular tie. Had to look it up online. This time I plan on […]

The Story Behind The Port Chicago 50

I love a good detective story. Here’s an amazing one from the 1970s, the story of how a grad student named Robert Allen tracked down and uncovered the little-known history of a dramatic civil rights showdown at a naval base called Port Chicago, California, during World War II. “This was the mid-1970s,” Robert remembers, “and […]

National Book Award Finalist!

            I found out last week that my newest book, The Port Chicago 50, was chosen as a finalist for the National Book Award! It’s a huge honor, especially when you look at the other finalists, a serious all-star line-up. In addition to the cool sticker, and getting to go […]

Getting Started

So I’m thinking I’ll use this space to share stories from my research, deleted scenes from my books, travel and school visit adventures – that kind of stuff. Yesterday, I got a chance to talk about my newest book, The Port Chicago 50, on WAMC, a very cool public radio station in Albany, NY. Here’s […]